Leadership and Collaboration

Leadership and Collaboration, the tenth standard of the InTASC model, states that teachers must seek out appropriate leadership roles and opportunities to take responsibility for student learning, collaborate with learners, families, colleagues, school professionals, and community members to ensure learner growth and advance the profession. This should include networking with all members of the school community to establish professional relationships that will enhance the overall student experience as well as teacher effectiveness.

During my student teaching experience, I co-taught directly with our team leader, Mrs. Stephanie Doyle, in a pod with three other fantastic 3rd grade teachers; Mrs. Angela Isbell, Mrs. Ashley Leonard, and Mrs. Dena McGhee. At least once a week we would all meet to discuss plans for the upcoming week, review student progress, share concerns, ask questions, and develop strategies for continuing to keep our students safe and on track to meet learning goals [10 (a),(b),d)]. Attending these meetings provided crucial insight into not only student progress but also the entire climate of Glen Cove Elementary School. Subsequently, this knowledge allowed me to make any necessary adjustments to my roles and responsibilities so that I could more effectively meet the needs of my students and staff [10 (f),(i),(j)].

Another way in which I have demonstrated the components of leadership and collaboration is participating in the principle and team leaders meetings that are held as frequently as necessary to discuss any updates and/or changes with policies, procedures, or general happenings within the school community, which unsurprisingly, have been held far more frequently than usual because of the Covid-19 crisis we are facing [10(e),(i),(k)]. Although the atmosphere of these meetings at times seemed somber, every person in the image below has a fierce, unyielding determination to do everything in his/her power to make sure our students are staying safe and healthy so that they may get the education they deserve – and these tireless efforts made by dedicated professionals has not only inspired me to constantly strive to enhance my professional capabilities, but has also established a sense of comradery, compassion, and commitment to ourselves, our students, and our community [10(p),(s),(t)].

In the evaluation and letter of recommendation below, my supervising teacher has highlighted some of the ways in which I have demonstrated leadership and collaboration skills during my student teaching experience. The exemplary average rating in this category attests to my ability to effectively collaborate with students, parents, families, colleagues, and other school professionals to enhance the overall learning experience for students and advance my role in the teaching profession to support the Glen Cove Elementary School community. Without any doubt, I was fortunate enough to work alongside some of the best role models for leadership and collaboration, which has provided a solid foundation for continuing to develop and improve my own strengths as a professional educator. It is because of the amazing individuals, their remarkable efforts and teamwork, as well as our shared collaborative environment that I was so blessed to be a part of at Glen Cove, I am fully confident that I have acquired the necessary skills to be an effective teacher and I look forward to bringing these skills to the next chapter of my teaching career.

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